Antivirus Software Reviews

The internet is a wide array of sites and companies offering antivirus software reviews. Each of them may have something to sell and some of them will have something to deliver that isn't part of the bargain.

Getting a virus on your PC isn't an experience that you want, but finding the right virus software to prevent it is difficult at best. Seeking out your own best answer means doing some research on the internet, but really, where do you look?

With so much scareware out there and so many purveyors of scare tactics it's hard enough to be able to tell the software that is actually legitimate, never mind which ones actually work and will protect your PC.

With all the virus products out there and all the viruses, the single most important kind of software to put on your PC is going to be an antivirus software, but which ones are the right ones to use? Where do you find them and how do you know that you've got one that will do the job for you?

Buyer Beware

There are multiple reviews online. Those too can also be a bit difficult to take seriously since many of them are selling a given product and the reviews are skewed in favor of those which offer the best EPC in a given time or the most profit for the website.

Antivirus Software

Where can you find software reviews that aren't prejudiced by money making or favoritism? The answer in most cases is going to be to find your antivirus software reviews on sites that clearly offer few affiliate products, don't have a huge interest in making money from the products and are not an owner of the companies in question.

More than thirty thousand new malware samples are discovered online every single day. The best of the best are struggling to keep their adware, spyware and antiviral engines updated and doing the job they need to do for you. Getting the best reviews of the antivirus software out there and making sure that they are accurate is essential to assuring that you have adequate protection.

Best Places for Reviews

Among the best places to look for your software reviews, in order to find those which are not biased in favor of one type or the other are the following websites and antivirus testing companies and sites:

  • Antivirus reviews
  • AV Comparatives
  • ICSA Labs
  • NSS Labs
  • OESIS OK (interoperability certification)
  • West Coast Labs
  • Virus Bulletin
  • PC World

Other Methods

Rather than relying on antivirus software reviews on sites that may be prejudiced by the need to make money, seek out other methods. If the sites that you use are biased by affiliation with the companies or products, rely instead on software reviews that you find on sites which give you objectivity. You will get a more accurate review and be better able to select the proper antivirus software for your personal use.

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