Get Good Anti-Spyware Software And Be Secure

Why do you need anti-spyware software for your computer?

Are there spies in your hard drive? Have you lost control of your computer?

Confused by anti-spyware options?

Spyware is computer software that is installed surreptitiously on a personal computer to collect information about you, your computer, and your browsing habits. It may be used to send you pop-up ads, redirect your computer to certain websites, and monitor your Internet surfing. It can even record your keystrokes, which in turn, can lead to the theft of your personal information. Spyware is a very real threat to your personal security.

Your computer may be infected with Spyware if it:

  1. Slows down, malfunctions, or displays repeated error messages.
  2. Won’t shut down or restart.
  3. Serves up a lot of pop-up ads, or displays them when you’re not surfing the web.
  4. Displays web pages or programs you didn’t intend to use, or sends emails you didn’t write.

Spyware exploits infected computers for commercial gain like a virus does. But unlike a virus or worm, spyware does not usually self-replicate. It can, however, be delivered to your computer via a worm.

Another type of Spyware is Adware which is software which displays advertisements that you may not have agreed to receive.

Running this software is an essential element of computer security. Good Spyware software is commonly included in Internet Security Programs and can remove both Spyware and Adware from your PC or laptop.

To protect your computer and your identity from Internet theft, we recommend this outstanding security program which fixes the threats from both Spyware and Adware.

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