Spam Email Blocker -
Why You Need One

Find out why you need a spam email blocker to protect your computer.

If you have spam in your inbox you're not alone. Most assuredly the internet is a veritable hotbed of spam. It would be nice if spam were all we needed to contend with. Unfortunately that is no longer the case since many spam and other unsolicited emails can contain phishing information as well as virus software subtly hidden in the spam.

Recent reports say that more than 80 percent of all email that is sent in the United States is spam email. There are more than 200 million emails in the United States alone. The world wide email count totals about 950 million email addresses. Spam becomes more rampant each day and it is also becoming more prolific in terms of carrying a payload.

Spammers, in concert with virus writers (sometimes unwittingly and sometimes not) are offering the world about 2 million attempts a week to inject a virus into your computer. Now, with the new iPad coming on strong, spam may also be a problem for them, since AT&T released their emails, albeit accidentally.

Spam Email Remover

Spam email blockers are an amazing boon with all this increased spam activity. For every spam blocker however, there is an equally intelligent spammer. One tactic in wide use today is the literary tactic, which is to copy and paste the entire chapter of a book into an email, and then paste in the advertisement. The reason for this is that it does fool a spam blocker by being more than a simple advertising email.

Spam is a crime in most areas, but that doesn't seem to be slowing down the spammers. The only thing that does is a decent spam blocker or rules set on your email software programs. Spammers are generally using spoofed emails and running proxy servers to give you the impression they are someone that they are not. In some cases, if you check your email, they may be using your email address to send out spam. Millions of site owners have been blacklisted when someone sent out email pretending to be them and did some major damage to a business email which was consequently blacklisted.

Just FYI, everyone should have a spam email blocker these days. Spam is not just an annoyance, or adult ads or ridiculous code snippets. Some can actually wipe your bank account dry, can max out your credit cards by initiating identity theft and can do untold damage to your banking accounts and your credit ratings. Spam blocker software, or at th very least, virus software and hard and fast email rules are something that you should absolutely be using to assure that you are as secure as possible.

If you get an email that is spam and you're tempted to click on the link that takes you to purchase a particular item, simply don't. If you're truly interested in buying online, don't reward the spammer for an unsolicited email. Google the item you're interested in and find it online Buy it from someone who did not spam your account.

Likewise, there are multiple online spam blocker services that can help you to keep your email secure. Most are very reasonable, and some are even free. Find one that suits your tastes and use it. You will be glad you did when you see the plethora of spam mails begin to fade from your email client.

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