Laptop Security Locks and Software

Why do you need laptop security locks? Because loss of all of your data and all of your personal items would be terrible. Here is how to prevent the loss of your laptop and its information.

The type of computer that is most at risk for being stolen, breached or having a data loss is generally a laptop computer.

This is primarily because laptops are such a portable system of computers, which permit easy mobility. That in turn makes them far more easily stolen than any other type of computer.

The fact that a laptop can be so easily taken makes it more necessary to secure it readily. Loss of all of your data and all of your personal items would be a crushing blow. Preventing that is imperative. Symantec did a study that gave them information regarding laptops in the United States. It concluded that a laptop computer was stolen about every minute in the U.S.

Only about 5 percent of the stolen laptops are ever recovered in the US. The prospects for getting your PC back are extremely poor. Security for your laptop is extremely important. Laptop security kits are one of the best selling items on the PC security market today.

There are a wide range of laptop security items on sale today. Among those which are most necessary are some type of laptop security that will lock up your laptop. These may include a laptop safe, a laptop cable kit, a software lock for your laptop, as well as other means to safeguard your laptop from use after it is stolen.

Plate systems are also available for when you are using your laptop in a higher risk area or when you are using public internet facilities. In addition, there are software programs that actually help to recover your stolen laptop.

Laptop Security Products:

A few of the laptop security items that you may find which will be helpful to you are these:

Laptop Cables-Laptop cable security systems are one of the most effective means of preventing simple opportunistic theft of your laptop. They simply lock up your laptop and prevent someone from being able to move the laptop from its current position.

Laptop Safes-Laptop safes are one of the more all inclusive laptop security locks. They are a stainless steel safe that locks your laptop up tightly and helps to prevent theft when in places such as public areas and dorm rooms. The down side of the laptop safe is that it weighs in at about ten pounds, making it a bit on the heavy side to be carried around with you.

Laptop Security Software- or theft recovery software is one of the most all inclusive types of security for your laptop. Considered a laptop security lock it tends to prevent laptop theft because it helps to find the laptop and aids in recovery. More than a million users are using this type laptop security lock on their laptop world wide.

What laptop security software does is to enable the stolen laptop to be tracked and recovered. The software is a fast installation taking under one minute. It operates at a nominal level, requiring next to no computer resources. It is transparent to those who are using the laptop.

If the computer is stolen, the laptop sends out an email to the owner each time the laptop is connected to the internet. This type of laptop security lock is extremely effective at recovering stolen laptops and while being simple and cost effective, it tends to be one of the most effective methods of achieving security for your laptop.

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