Best Antivirus Program

Finding the best antivirus program is the most important thing you can do to safeguard your PC. They assist you in keeping your PC clean and free of viral activities. Depending on what your operating system is, Windows, Linux or Mac, you will use a different type of antivirus protection.

Regardless of whether you need spyware, malware, or email virus protection, most of those listed below will be workable for you. Most antivirus software today gives you complete system coverage for your PC. Every system, every kind of PC is unique.

Top Antivirus Programs

Make sure to evaluate several antivirus software programs to get the things you need from your antivirus to get the best antiviral removal tools.

Zone Alarm Extreme-A combination of malware scanning and intrusion protection as well as encryption for you to help prevent a loss of data in the event that your laptop or PC is lost or stolen. Zone Alarm Extreme gets a five star rating when it comes to many of the online magazines such as PC World.

Norton Antivirus by Symantec- Norton 2010 brings some added advantages over previous versions. It runs faster, scans more rapidly, and starts up on a dime. You can download Norton in a trial version to test the operations.

Typically Symantec has offered some of the best detection of antivirus activity as well as malware removal. Among the best antiviral removal tools on the market today, Symantecs antiviral tools have always given somewhat slower performance to your PC. With recent updates in the past two versions, Symantec offers you great virus detection and much less slowing of your PC than in the past.

Panda Antivirus Pro--Combination software, Panda also figures in the list of best virus removal tools. Finding and removing more than 95% of the virus, spyware, phishing and other types of malware, Panda is a combination software that brings you antiphishing, firewall, antispyware and antivirus software. The license for Panda will cover three computers and offers you full protection for all of your home computer needs.

Best Antivirus Program

GData-another of the best virus removal tools uses engines from two antivirus companies. Bit Defender and Avast are part of the Gdata tool-set.The dual set of engines make GData a unique part of the best virus removal tools, as well as a very effective means of defending against invasion by virus software. Where one software engine leaves off, or fails to find the problem the other kicks in. Between the two engines the virus removal rate and defense against new invasions is nothing short of remarkable.

McAfee -Designed to be the ultimate in Virus scan, detection and removal, VirusScan Plus is the perfect tool for those who need a solid virus scan and removal tool without added weight and bloat. McAfee brings you a fast and easy removal of spyware or adware and helps to guard your PC against invasion from multiple varieties of virus activity.

The best antivirus program depends largely on what kind of PC you have and what your needs are from your antivirus. Our reviews and ratings are based on a combination of factors. Speed, best virus removal, and weight added to your PC are all factors in determining which antivirus will be the best for your needs.

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