Best Free Spam Blocker
Why We Need One

Spam is an uncomfortable truth. Find the best free spam blocker to stop it.

Every aspect of our lives has something that we're not happy about, and spam would be the one that most people complain about when it comes to email. Whats not to love about email. Instant sending of nearly anything to anywhere, to anyone, in no time flat. Photos, and documents, even divorce papers are sent in email these days..

Unfortunately, so is spam sent in email. The internet is nothing if not a widespread way to gain information about products and services. In addition to that, it's a great way to advertise them and for most people, that means sending unsolicited email... or spam, as we most commonly call it. Aside from unsolicited advertising, many people now use spam email to send something else. Phishing or trojan horses also come in spam emails. Those we can live without.

The best free spam blocker software options help to rid us of the spam. There are multiple types of free spam blocker software. Among some of those you may find are open source spam blockers which are available for download and installation on your PC. Each will require that it be geared toward the operating system that you have.

For those who have Macintosh, Windows, and Linux, some free spam blocker is available to you in multi-operating system arenas. For instance, one software may be able to be used by all operating systems. This is not generally the case however. Online free spam blocker software may be used by any operating systems because it is not required to be installed on your computer.

Spam Remover

Spam these days is not just annoying, it is dangerous. Not physically so of course, but in many ways worse. Spam authors in concert with those who write virus software very often install a payload on their spam. IT can be a link that you click which will send you to a site looking remarkably like your banking site. With a few keystrokes you've given the spammer all that he or she needs to gather information about your bank account logins and transfer money to anywhere at all.

There is literally no one who does not need a spam blocker software. They can remove those spam emails before you are tempted or enticed to click on it and will likely save you time and money over the course of time that you use it. Free Spam blocker software offerings and links are listed below.

POPFile-AUto sorts your email, has a high rate of sensitivity and actually learns from you. Available in a free version for the single user.

Spamilator-One of the best of the free spam blocker software, Spamilator offers you an outstanding array of features and the price is certainly right. Reviewers state that Spamilator has a high level of efficiency in blocking spam, although once in a while some does get through. Generally does not remove emails that you desire to keep.

Spamato-With a wide range of features and help files that could use some help, Spamato is an outstanding spam filter that will literally do the job you want effortlessly, but is not necessarily for those who are new to software or don't have a great understanding. Spamato is one of the best but can be a bit overwhelming.

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