Free Anti Spam Software

Free anti spam software is available all across the internet and much of it is as good as the for-pay variety. Here are some favorites.

What is Spam? Well it's not that lunch meat stuff in the blue can. Well it is, but with regard to your computer you can safely rule that out. Spam is email that is sent to you unsolicited, or unasked for. Suddenly one morning you wake to find twenty emails in your in box.

None of them are from anyone you know. There is one that has adult humor, this one has adult photos. You click the delete button and send them to the trash bin. This next one though it looks important. A Paypal letter head and a message asking you to log into your Paypal account and verify information or else you're going to lose your account.

Free Anti Spam Software

Three clicks takes you to the site with the paypal header and you click, add your login information and curiously enough, you don't log on. This is how many people get into trouble with spam. Some spam is not merely annoying advertising, it is Phishing email. What you just did was to log into a fake account, set up on someone elses page and give them your information. Right this minute, you need to head to the real Paypal, change your password and report the incident because you've passed out information to your account and it all happened through spam. It doesn't seem to harmless anymore does it?

Spam is a real issue these days More than just an out and out irritant, it's a way for unscrupulous people to make money from you. Even if you only use your PC for personal things and never for business, you house a lot of important information there. Get some antispam software and get it installed. Whether you use a free antispam software solution that is online, such as in a cloud computing setup, or use a free downloadable version, having antispam software on your computer can save you some real time and headaches.

Free anti-spam software is available all across the internet and much of it is as good as the for-pay variety. In fact some of it is in the for pay variety. Many free antispam software versions are simply a personal edition of one that the company also sells to businesses for a profit.

People tend to think that because a free antispam software solution doesn't cost them anything that means it has to be substandard. After all, if it was that good, why wouldn't they be selling it? That tends to be the attitude that many people take when offered a free antispam software. The reality is that most are just as good, while some even rate better than the paid variety of antispam software.

Top Free Anti Spam Software Options

A few names you will see in free antispam software which are top rated and excellent software solutions to your spam problem are:

  • Spamihilator
  • Spamato
  • Expurgate
  • SpayBayes
  • K-9
  • Cactus Spam Filter

Each has strengths and weaknesses but most are very capable software for helping to keep your desktop free of spam. Each also has one other thing in common. They are all free antispam software solutions.

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