Free Malware Scan

Here are some free malware scan options for you based on the type of PC that you have and which operating system you are using.

About Malware

Malware, as many of you know, is a type of download that is usually given to you on your PC which has been hidden in another download. It may also be a type of download that is hidden from you and occurs when you click on a link on a website.

The definition of malware is a software that has a real purpose and does have a positive side, but may contain harmful contents. It infiltrates your PC without your consent and is set up to provide a specific purpose for the installer. It can be hostile software, or simply annoying. Malware includes rootkits, actual viruses, spyware, or annoying adware that sends popups to your computer.

In many states in the United States, installation of this type onto your PC,even something such as adware, has become a criminal offense. To that end, malware (short for malicious software) is sometimes called crimeware.

How to Stop It

Operation of a good antivirus will pick up most malware on your PC. If you find malware on your PC or suspect that it may be there, there are multiple sites that offer free malware scan software to help you determine if your PC has been infiltrated by malware. While certainly problems can take place when you are infected with malware, your pc may appear to operate normally. Depending on the malware, your pc may slow, may show other users, or may simply do business as usual. Because of this, if you are running Windows and some other operating systems, you should scan for malware as a matter of course on a regular basis.

Free Malware Scan Options

Depending on the type of PC that you have-which operating system you are using- - malware scans can be found at the following websites: Windows operating system offers malicious software removal tools for multiple operating systems including Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 2000. The free malware scan that Norton offers is considered one of the best on the internet. It can detect multiple types of malware and then pinpoint the type of malware. In addition Norton offers you a way to remove the malware using one of many offered free virus removal tools.

Kaspersky malware removal software

Kaspersky-Kaspersky virus software offers you a free malware scan that is practical for several different operating systems. They also bring you several methods of removal for your PC, depending on what type operating system that you are using.

It is a serious problem. It can remove data and cause system crashes, as well as to send personal information out to other PCs. Malware can also give the writer the means to infiltrate other PCs and to use yours and additional computers to combine in denial of service attacks on websites. Your PC can be used in multiple ways to take part in schemes that the problem dictates.'

Scan your PC regularly using a free scan or a broad scope antivirus program to keep your PC clean and free of malware and spyware.

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