Free Virus Removal

Discover the top free virus removal tools that will help you to fight back and to protect your computer.

Finding out that you have a virus on your computer is a frustrating and serious problem It can create havoc with your system as well as with your personal data. In fact, today, a virus can be used as a tool in identity theft and even gather credit in your name, stealing your money, your time, and sometimes your good credit.

There are free anti-virus software tools that will help you to fight back and to protect yourself from the hazards of a virus on your system. To help you to get it done quickly and efficiently, we've compiled a list of the free virus removal tools that you can use to assist you in freeing your PC of the clutches of a virus or spyware problem.

Antivirus companies are in it for the money, but the reality is that they also want to impress you with how good and how speedy their tools can be. To that end they offer you the means to defend yourself and to remove some virus programs from your PC with free online tools. If you try it and like it, you may buy it. It's a great motivation for giving you the means to stay protected.

Top Free Virus Removal Options

The top online free antivirus tools are:

McAfee AVERT Stinger -Cleaning malware and spyware, Avert is a free tool that you can use to help get rid of some of those malware inclusions that are slipped onto your PC as you surf and leave you with a slowed machine that is sending out personal information.

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool - For years Microsoft has offered a free means of getting rid of some of the issues that we can find online. It comes to you in the auto updates as well as being downloadable at the Microsoft website.

Symantec Virus Removal Tools- Symantec, also known as Norton antivirus software brings you a huge array of free tools. Each time a new virus is determined to be virulent over the internet, Norton can be depended on to give small tools to assist you in removing it. They also feature an online free virus scan and free virus removal tool for your use.

F-Secure Virus Removal Tools - Another great way to get rid of a virus, online scans and downloadable tools that assist you in getting rid of the virus problems you've picked up online, F Secure features a wide range of tools that are helpful to you.

Don't Wait

If you believe that your PC has been infected with some type of malware or virus software, don't wait until it has affected your credit or cost you personal data. Some of the symptoms of a viral infection on your pc will be slow or decreased response time, lowered internet speeds, and you may be alerted by a Google software that will not permit you to search with their search engine. If you have any concerns about your PC, the time to check it out with free virus removal tools is now.

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