Free Virus Scans - Online and Offline

For those who are having difficulty with a virus, there are multiple different types of free virus scans to assist them. You are able to find both online free virus scans as well as those which can be installed on your PC and used offline as well as online.

Importance of a Virus Scan

A virus scan is an absolute necessity these days for anyone who connects their PC to the internet for any reason. With the level of viral activity at a high, and virus software used not only to maliciously damage your data or your pc a virus scan is imperative. In addition to the damages that a virus can wreak on your PC, some viral activity is designed to steal data or personal information and to use it to help themselves to your financial information.

Free scans that are available to you include many which are for use only on individual PC's, not for business owners or users. It is important that you know the limitations of these free virus scans. Most are well written and are comparable to the for-pay personal virus scans that you will buy. In fact most are made by the same companies that you will purchase virus scans from, but they are limited in that a great deal of data on multiple machines is not what they were designed to protect.

Best Anti-Virus Scans

The Top Four Free Scans that you may choose from:

Kaspersky Software

  • Kaspersky: The top name in virus scanning, Kaspersky has been touted by multiple PC magazines as the state of the art virus scanning. Currently the free virus scans from Kaspersky are available to you only for use online, but will detect and clear a virus from your system.
  • Panda Antivirus: Another of the best antivirus scans that are available to users, Panda Antivirus offers you their downloadable scanner and cleaner. Activescan 2.0 is available to users free of charge, may be downloaded and used to both detect and clean their computer of viral activity. It is available at
  • AVG Antivirus-long known as the free anti-virus online, is available to you in a full featured downloadable virus software as well as a for pay version. The free version is free only to personal computing users. It is quite well written, is noted for detection of the most common as well as the newest virus activity, however it is rated by many users for a false positive in many respects. This does however certainly beat not getting a positive when you need it. AVG is well respected and frequently downloaded by internet users. AVG antivirus is available to you from the AVG website,

  • Avast Antivirus Software -Another in the full featured and total program downloads that are available to the personal computer user without charge as free virus scans is Avast. With a great record of detection and a for pay edition that includes some firewall as well as additional features, Avast is available for use only by non-business users in the free capacity. You can download Avast for your personal use at

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