How To Stop Spam

Learn how to stop spam before it could do any damage to your computer files.

Spam is a fact of life that many of us who are in online marketing, writing, or other kinds of dealings find uncomfortable and irritating. Stopping spam all together generally means that we have to get some type of a spam blocker in order to halt the process all together, but there are a few things you can do that will slow the process, or at least keep it manageable.

Depending on where you are receiving the spam, your email, your website, or other places, you can take steps to minimize it in various ways. Some tips to help you lessen the amount of spam that you receive are listed for you below.

Disposable Email Addresses

While it sounds odd to some people, getting an email address that you consider disposable is one sure way to stop the spam from hitting at your regular email address. Find a free online email service and get an email address that you can change regularly. Use that to sign up for free services, to purchase products, to sign on to email lists and other forum type services. If you're going to be spammed, those are generally the places where it will begin. If you use a disposable email address for them, you can always change it later, once you find out if you're going to be spammed by using the service.

Give out your regular email address online as infrequently as you would give out your home telephone number. Save it for the companies and the people that you trust.

Spam Services

Online spam blockers are another way to accomplish taking a serious bite out of the spam industry. Your email from the ISP is sent to the online service where it is washed, or cleansed of spam according to directions that you give it. It is then transferred to your POP mail so that you've got a lot less spam coming in.

How to Stop Spam with Spam Blocking Software

Free Downloadable spam blocking software is also available. Some o fthis type of spam software is also a great bet for the person dealing with serious amounts of spam. In all honesty however, some of them do take some technical skill to set up, so there is a small learning curve required.

Blog Spam- When it comes to spam on your website, some types of CMS will offer you a spam blocking software in the bundle. One of these is wordpress, the CMS of the year in 2009. It's known as Akismet and it will cleanse the spam so that you don't have to attempt to moderate it. While it does not work for static HTML pages, there are other software packages that will help to keep your website free of spam comments.

With all the spammer out there, it pays to find ways to keep your site and your inbox spam free. Some spam carries more than an annoyance with it. It's in your best interests to avoid spam contact when you can and with the many options available to us now, there is minimal reason to be hit with email spam on a daily basis.

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