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Looking for the best online antivirus scanner? Here are some virus scanning software options to fit any budget.

For some of us, budgetary concerns make it impossible to get the antivirus protection that we might like for our PC. Having some level of virus scanning software is imperative when you are working online. Not having it is much the same as driving 500 miles with bad brakes and no seatbelt. The things that can happen to you in these situations normally will happen. Being prepared and able to deal with situations that involve virus issues online is just smart surfing.

For those who are unable to keep antivirus software on their PC for one reason or another, be it an older PC, lack of sufficient system resources, or some other limitation, there are some alternatives. Online antivirus scanners do exist through multiple antivirus manufacturers that will enable you to scan your entire PC for a virus and see to the removal if necessary.

While ideally you will keep antivirus protection on your PC, the alternative for those of you who do not, or can't, is to scan three times weekly with an online virus scanner in order to prevent data loss and infiltration with a virus. Several of these also permit for not just PC checks, but single file checks to assure that the files you are downloading are clear of virus activity.

Best Online Antivirus Acanners

Best Online Antivirus Scanners

Some of the best online antivirus scanners have been listed below for your convenience.

  • Norton Security check-made by the famed Norton antivirus people, Symantec, the parent company offers you the means to scan your PC on a regular basis, as well as free tools to assist you in virus removal if a virus is found on your PC.

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  • Kaspersky gives you the opportunity to scan single files that you may have downloaded to your PC. The file may be uploaded and will be scanned for any issues using their famed spyware and virus engines to be sure whether it is a clear download, free of virus activity.

  • HouseCall by Trend Micro-This small utility permits you to download a free small file that will scan your PC for virus activity. If found you can also fix many of the rootkit and other types of virus activity that is taking place on your personal computer.

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  • McAfee Free Scan-The comprehensive free scanner from McAfee offers you the means to identify and isolate many of the most common viruses on the internet today. While the free version of McAfee does not offer cleaning in any way, it does offer you links to other products, as well as how to clean your computer.

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  • Panda Software offers a comprehensive online security scan for your computer that lets you see at a glance if you have been infected by various types of malware, adware or spyware. The antivirus software Panda offers is outstanding, and the free scan can find and heal a variety of virus infections.

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Online virus scans will vary, from those which will detect and heal, to those which permit only one file at a time to be scanned. If you are without virus protection on your PC the use of these online virus scanners can assist you in keeping your PC free of virus activity when used on a regular basis.

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