Online Spam Filter

Fight spam with these online spam filter software options to keep your inbox free from unwanted emails.

Filtering your spam is more important now than ever before. This is particularly true if you are a business mail user. Spam brings not only annoyances such as pop up ads, but these days it also brings with it some viral activity as well as phishing.

Getting a spam filter is something that is on everyones mind. Getting an online filter is just good sense. It offers you an added amount of security for your PC, whether you use it for business or for personal reasons. Why bring in the spam to your desktop when you can send it out to be cleaned before downloading it? Some of the best online filters are listed below:

Clear My Mail

Before it ever hits your inbox, Clear My Mail has you covered. Since there is no need to install any software, and you have nothing direct installed anywhere on your PC it will work with literally any known operating system. It's ideal for Mac, for Linux, for Unix, or for Windows. It also works for portable electronics like your Blackberry and your other smartphones. The mail is filtered in 15+ different ways before it is sent along to you.

It takes a little bit of time to set up but the reviews for Clear My Mail are amazingly positive from nearly every review we've seen. You can subscribe in a month to month fashion when you start out to see how well you're going to like the service but most people switch over to the yearly subscription in a very short time.

Online Spam Solutions

Nothing to buy, no software to install, no hardware necessary, Online Spam solutions is filtering with big company effectiveness for a small time cost-effective price. Under 10 dollars per month gets you outstanding spam filtering for your email before it ever comes anywhere near your inbox. Headers are scanned as well as body and attachments to assure that your email is safe before it comes anywhere near your PC. For business or for the person who wants some extra security, Online Spam service spam guard is an excellent solution.


One of the most well rated online spam filter programs that are offered strictly online. There is nothing to download so there is nothing to install. It works on any POP3 mail and virtually any email service or ISP. You install nothing on the PC so it makes no difference if you use Macintosh, Linux, and literally any flavor of Windows you're going to be able to use Bopspam online spam filter.

Getting rid of spam is an important part of being able to get on with your business. Sifting through it is something no one really has time for, and all the things that can come in with it make it just that much worse. An online spam filter may be just the answer that you're looking for to your security and your spam problem.

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